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Advanced cancer Treatments and therapies.

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CancerHospitals.com is a Pioneer, leader and the most trusted name in the Medical Tourism Industry. We are a US based, gobal Medical Tourism company, with healthcare facilitation services in 44 countries through our network of over 1000 hospitals. Our headquarters is in Concord near San Francisco bay in California with offices in major cities around the globe.We specialize in arranging and facilitating medical care for patients from every country including US, UK, Canada, Middle-Eastern and African countries.


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International Patients approaching CancerHospitals.com are able to draw on the pool of expertise and skills of board certified doctors / consultants / surgeons who work as a team for the best of care and treatment. In addition to the access to specialist skills, the patients also have the quality assurance that the medical services are peer reviewed and medically audited. Our services are designed to make your medical travel successful, comfortable and enjoyable.


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Our Hospital Network has high quality hospitals that have been accredited by JCI and other international and domestic hospital accrediting authorities. Joint Commission International (JCI) the International division of JCAHO of USA , which is the gold standard and authority for accrediting hospitals for its standards, patient safety, compliance, and training have accredited many of our network hospitals and conduct periodic inspections and reviews of these hospitalsThese hospitals have equipment, facilities, doctors ,staff and quality of care comparable too hositals in the USA or Europe.

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